Lustica household


At the very entrance to the Bay of Kotor lies an interesting peninsula, rich in olive groves and pomegranates.

Due to its location, the Lustica peninsula is also known as ideal for escaping the city noise. Luštica itself covers an area of ​​about 47 km, while the length of its coast is about 35 km. There are fifteen settlements and as many as twenty churches in that area, eighteen Orthodox and two Catholic. On Luštica there is a tourist resort Rose, known for one of the most beautiful beaches in this part of the country. Nearby is the widely known Blue Cave, and the beach at Žanjice and the bay Mirište.

Destination Luštica bay
Departure Podgorica
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Lustica household

Under the shade of hundreds-year-old olives, with a romantic view at the sea, surrounded with the scents of the Mediterranean, spicy and exotic herbs and flowers, you will get a chance to enjoy the hospitality of your hosts and tasting of local, seaside and traditional specialties, different types of goat cheese, olives, fruit and vegetables, citrus, wild pomegranate and carob liqueur as well as participation in local agricultural activities, fishing etc. Art, nature, kindness, originality and high quality homemade food of Pony Art Garden is an unforgettable experience that will be cherished for a long time! Local specialities breakfast and lunch in the nature, fishing, feeding domestic animals, swimming – you’ll never forget this amazing day

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