Mini Montenegro tour


During this phenomenal trip you have the opportunity to visit the three most tourist and historically interesting cities in Montenegro - Budva, Cetinje and Kotor.

Cetinje is the capital of Montenegro, surrounded by the slopes of the Lovcen National Park. This city is a treasure trove of history, culture and traditions of Montenegro. When you visit Cetinje, you will have the feeling that time has stopped. You will be surrounded by many old buildings, which were once the missions of various countries around the world. What attracts the most attention is certainly the Cetinje Monastery from 1701 and Billiard building. There are numerous museums and the Academy of Arts in Cetinje. The proximity of the Lovćen National Park gives a wonderful opportunity for an unforgettable time and the opportunity to visit the highest mausoleum in the world. On hot summer days, Lovćen National Park offers an extremely pleasant atmosphere.

Budva is considered to be one of the oldest settlements on the Adriatic. According to legend, the founder of Budva was Kadmo, the ruler of Thebes and the husband of Aphrodite's daughter Harmony. However, the rise of great Mediterranean cultures marked the spirit of this city that is still felt today. Budva has grown into a modern summer metropolis, the most visited summer destination in Montenegro. What attracts people and brings them to Budva is above all something that nature has given to this area, and it has given it the unique beauty of the sun, sea and a series of pearl beaches at the foot of the gigantic mountains. The great value of Budva is its cultural and historical heritage: numerous monuments, excavations, fortresses, monasteries and churches. Located in one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Kotor, the city of merchants and famous sailors has a lot to tell.

The old town of Kotor is the best preserved medieval urban environment typical of cities built in the twelfth and fourteenth centuries. Medieval architecture and numerous monuments of cultural heritage have included Kotor in the UNESCO list of "World Natural and Cultural Heritage". Buildings, intertwined with streets and squares, stretch throughout the city. On one of them is the Cathedral of St. Trypun, a monument of romanesque culture and one of the recognizable symbols of the city. Carnivals and festivities that are organized every year, give the most beautiful city on the Montenegrin coast an additional charm. Kotor must not be missed.

Destination Cetinje
Departure Podgorica
Touring Budva, Kotor
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Mini Montenegro tour

Mini Montenegro Tour (full day trip)

Podgorica - Cetinje - Njeguši - Kotor - Tivat (Porto Montenegro) - Budva - Podgorica

This spectacular tour combines the most picturesque rise of the coast and the turbulent thousand-year history of Montenegro. We start with a tour of the Old Royal Capital of Cetinje, where 70 percent of the monuments of Montenegrin history are placed. With numerous historical buildings, museums, music, art and acting school, monuments from different periods, even with the loss of capital status, Cetinje remains a center of culture, history and education. You will have the opportunity to see typical architecture and then we will take you to the small village of Njegusi, where our famous poet and ruler Njegos was born. Super tasty prosciutto is a local specialty. The drive along the old road to Kotor is known as a favorite part of the tour - we enjoy the most beautiful view of the Bay of Kotor from more than a thousand meters above sea level. We take photos to capture this magnificent beauty. It really takes your breath away! At our final destination, Kotor, we take a quick walk around the city. The famous Old Town bears the burden of two thousand years of history, starting with the ancient Illyrians, Romans, Byzantines, Serbs, Venetians, Austro-Hungarians and finally Montenegrins. We will visit the six most important locations with our tourist guide - Arms Square, Flower Square, St. Probafon Square, Museum Square, St. Luke's Square. After the tour, we continue to Budva, which is over three thousand years old. The city walls and the Old Town make it so attractive to a large number of tourists especially in summer, as well as a huge number of beaches, bars, restaurants, etc .. After the tour, you will be full of great memories.

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