Piva canyon, Piva lake


Piva Lake is the largest artificial lake in Montenegro or the second largest of all lakes, right after Skadar Lake. It was created by building a hydroelectric power plant in 1975. Near Mratinje, 10 km from Šćepan Polje, there is a dam that is 220 m high, among the highest in Europe. The lake is in some places deep and over 180 m, and is 42 km long. Beer Lake is the largest reservoir of drinking water and has excellent conditions for sports on calm waters. It is especially attractive for fishing and those who want to enjoy the view of the remaining details of the submerged canyon of the Piva River. With the creation of the artificial Piva Lake, it was necessary to move the Piva Monastery to another location. This endeavor was done by a group of experts so well and professionally that the building part of the church and the entire frescoes were not disturbed or changed in the slightest. It should also be mentioned that by sinking the land on which the Piva Lake now lies, the Odmut cave, whose depth was about 11 meters and in which many traces from the beginning of the Neolithic were discovered, was lost forever.

Destination Piva canyon, Piva lake
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Piva lake

This tour is for nature and history lovers. This monastery Piva is consifered to be one of the most important Ortodox monasteries in Montenegro. It is located in amazing landscape area of Pluzine. It represents a natural reservoir of Montenegro. Long time ago it was situated at the spring of river Piva and transporeted to new location,because of the construction of a dam, and accumulation lake for the needs of hydro-electriacal power station.

The area around Piva lake is comprised of more than 20 small villages that are ideally positioned inside the natural environment. The villages have the old-style architecture, typical of the traditional Katuns. Should you wish to learn about the old traditions, culture and history of this part of Montenegro, all you need to do is ask. Speak to the inhabitants and ask them about the history and the customs of the area, and you will discover wondrous tales and learn a lot about this part of northern Montenegro

This trip will not leave you indifferent. Our guide will take you to the best places to see and tell you most beautiful stories. At best, you will want to come back again.

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