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Podgorica is the largest and capital city of Montenegro and the main crossroads in Montenegro. It was named after the hill Gorica, under which it grew and developed. The city is in a great location because it is a connection between winter ski resorts and the Montenegrin coast. The good position has conditioned the excellent climate, with warm summers and pleasant winters. The city is intersected by five rivers, and in the immediate vicinity is Skadar Lake. The city whose turbulent history has left its mark not only on its infrastructure, but also on the way of life of the local population, a city that has changed its name five times, the economic, political, educational and administrative center of Montenegro - is very interesting to visit. Near the town are the remains of the ancient Roman city of Duklja, from the first century AD, whose excavations testify to the rich culture of this old town and this area. However, in recent years, the city has experienced great prosperity and is becoming a modern metropolis. With intensive urbanization and development of construction, many modern buildings and multi-storey buildings, the city is changing at an enormous rate.

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Podgorica walking tour

Although much destroyed in the war, Podgorica still provides many beautiful tourist sites and monuments to see and visit: the old town with the Clock Tower, Stairs, Republic Square, St. George's Church, Millennium Bridge, Russian Bridge, Cathedral of Christ's Resurrection, Roman square, the Castle of King Nicholas from the 19th century .. A wide selection of restaurants, bars, shopping malls, the largest airport, close to the north and south, make this city interesting for many tourists.

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